• ☼ Noise and emissions free
  • ☛ Friendly and efficient service
  • ☛ Quick & Clean Food Deliveries
  • ☛ Heavy Duty Capacity

dash=bristol logodash-bristol – a new approach to city centre transport.

It has been estimated that up to 25% of city centre cargo in Bristol could be transported by cycles. Our vision is to make this a reality. Our mission is to provide an awesome transport service through Bristol Cargo Cycle Logistics while reducing pollution on our streets. Come with us on our journey….


Cargotrike Delivery


Cargo Bike Deliveries

EASY – Quieter Bristol streets and emissions free. We offer competitive, fast and carbon neutral deliveries. We carry all sorts of cargo from 1kg up to 200kg door to door.

☎ 0117 230 9594

Wedding by DASH Rickshaw


RIDES: Rickshaw Services

Events, City Centre Tours or Private Hire Services. We can offer organised tours or we can work with you to tailor our services to your event. Whether its a wedding or a works do, our Rickshaws add to the fun and make the occasion special. Read more.….
DASH Business Ad Trike



Targeted Ads or Branded Deliveries. We can advertise your business as we deliver your goods or we can do specific timed street by street advertising campaigns to get your business name or special event out there. Give us a call to find out more.

☎ 0117 230 9594

dash=bristol logoOUR CLIENTS


Emissions Free Deliveries with DashMore and more business are finding that their environmental policies are increasingly subject to customer scrutiny. As a result, they are looking for ways to tackle their company’s carbon footprint. We can supply a quick win. Our emissions free deliveries enable you to instantly reduce your CO2 output (as well as other emissions) from using diesel vans for local deliveries.